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Whether you're new to options or a seasoned pro, I've found that approaching option trading from a value investing mindset can have dramatic benefits.

  • Investors become much better invesors when they incorporate customized and conservative option trading into their investments
  • Traders become much better traders by incorporating core value investing principles into their trades

Learn more by checking out the exclusive reports below.

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The Reports

value investing with options

Three important questions:

  • Are you consistently generating high yield income from low risk stocks?
  • Do you pay half price or less for your investments?
  • Have you locked in an adjusted dividend yield of more than 10% on a portfolio of high quality stocks?

Download the Value Investing with Options "Minifesto" and begin answering, "Yes!"to these questions yourself.

Are you new (or relatively new) to options and want a quick and easy guide to the nuts and bolts of option trading?

Options are important risk management and return enhancing tools that every self-directed trader and investor (yes, investor) needs to understand and be able to use.

This user-friendly 10 page guide will have you up to speed in just minutes.

Dream of escaping the cubicle or office?

Wondering if you'll be able to navigate retirement?

I "retired" from my dead-end corporate career in 2009 and have been fortunate enough to do what I want (trade for a living while putting together a massive collection of options-based value investing resources) ever since.

In this exclusive 9 page special report, I share with you my four rules for trading for a living.

sweetheart deals

In this exclusive 16 page report I lay out the framework for a cash-secured put selling strategy that's:

  • Simple to understand
  • Requires minimal time and effort to manage
  • Still designed to produce heavily discounted stock acquisitions

This is not a rehash of generic put selling for getting small, one-time discounts.

On the contrary, the Sweetheart Deals approach is designed to help you engineer steep discounts on your high quality stock purchases.

And all via a simple, low key, and laid back strategy.

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Warren Buffett Zero Cost Basis Portfolio Current Equity Holdings:

KO - 125 shares
KMI - 100 shares
BP - 100 shares
MCD - 30 shares
JNJ - 25 shares
GIS - 25 shares
PAYX - 25 shares

Open Market Purchase Price: $20,071.83

Less Booked Option Income: $16,341.71

Tot. Discount: 81.42%
Adj. Div. Yield: 19.59%