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While other option trading sites and blogs are focused on making you a better speculator, this site is dedicated to one thing:

Encouraging you to use options to become a better INVESTOR.

If you are a self-directed investor (or aspire to become one) and you're NOT incorporating conservative, customized option trading into your process, I have some urgent news for you:

You are missing out on EASY opportunities to significantly boost your returns.

But worse than that, you're also allowing Mr. Market to place HUGE and UNNECESSARY obstacles between you and your financial future.

The Problems with Investing

I probably don't have to tell you this, but even the most popular and proven self-directed investing models all come with BIG problems:

  • The problem with Value Investing is finding great deals on great businesses (most "value investors" end up settling for trying to find great deals on bad businesses)
  • The problem with Dividend Growth Investing is having to wait around for several decades before the seriously backloaded dividend growth process finally kicks in and actually makes a difference
  • The problem with High Yield Current Income Investing is, ironically, getting high yield returns - that is without assuming astronomical risks in the process

The good news is that the right customized option strategies can eliminate these problems, speed up the process, increase your income (without increasing your risk), and enable you to name your own price and discount on world class businesses.


In short, options can make you a better investor.

A much, much better investor.

Why You're Crazy If You're an Investor and You're NOT Trading Options

Options are a form of leverage. They enable you to control more shares with less capital. So, in effect, they amplify whatever approach with which they're affiliated.

No suprise then - options enable speculators to become even more dangerous to themselves.

But what few people realize is that the right option trading strategies can significantly improve the performance of serious minded, conservative oriented investors.

If you understand that it's easier, simpler, and far more lucrative to stack the deck in your own favor than it is to hope for a winning lottery ticket, then guess what?

You're already ahead of 95% of the investing public.

Because the right customized option strategies can take inherently conservative investing and boost your returns while simultaneously reducing your risk even more.

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Warren Buffett Zero Cost Basis Portfolio Current Equity Holdings:

KO - 100 shares
GIS - 25 shares
JNJ - 25 shares
PAYX - 25 shares
TGT - 50 shares

Open Market Purchase Price: $11,195.23

Less Booked Option Income: $6235.40

Tot. Discount: 55.70%
Adj. Div. Yield: 7.50%