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This site is dedicated to three very specific types of investors:

  • Value Investors who want to own quality businesses at half price or less
  • High Yield Income Investors who want to generate double digit annualized yields from low risk stocks
  • Dividend Growth Investors who want to rapidly accelerate their dividend income and dividend growth rates

(Now obviously, I can't make any predictions or guarantees what your results will be if you incorporate any of my ideas, but those are my personal objectives and documented results.)

Common Sense Contrarianism

If you invest like everyone else, you're going to get the same results as everyone else.

And let's face it, everyone's results aren't that great.

Or said another way, there's going to be an awful lot of folks delivering pizza in retirement.

Long term investing and short term trading each have their drawbacks:

  • Long term investing is fine - if you start early enough and consistently pile in a lot of new money over the decades.
  • Short term trading can also work - but much of it is speculative and risky and often a - is desperate too strong of a word? - substitute for actual investing.

More than 10 years ago, I asked myself an innocent but profound question:

"What happens if you combine the best qualities of long term investing and short term conservative option trading?"

The answer changed my life . . . and eventually led to this website.

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Warren Buffett Zero Cost Basis Model Portfolio Equity Holdings March 2015

  • Open Market Purchases = $15,080.18
  • Current Discount = 56.86%
  • Adjusted Cost Basis Yield = 9.58%

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March 2015 Featured Article

Option Trading Secrets Revealed: There Are None! - Just because you don't know how something works, or you don't have a lot of direct experience with something, doesn't mean there are actual secrets involved. It just means you lack knowledge and/or experience. Anyone who tells you otherwise is manipulating and disrespecting you.

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Warren Buffett Zero Cost Basis Portfolio Current Equity Holdings:

BP - 100 shares
KO - 100 shares
MCD - 30 shares
JNJ - 25 shares
GIS - 25 shares
PAYX - 25 shares

Open Market Purchase Price: $15,080.18

Less Booked Option Income: $8574.03

Tot. Discount: 56.86%
Adj. Div. Yield: 9.58%